Our Mission

vO2 FIT is a Canadian company owned and operated out of the Greater Toronto Area. Our mission is to provide premium fitness products to our consumers at the most competitive prices on the market. 

Our story began when the first wave of lockdowns took the country by storm in March 2020. As avid gym goers ourselves, we were devastated at the prospect of doing push-ups at home until we lost all of our gains. We decided to grab some gym gear for the house so we could continue to make progress and not let the pandemic suppress our fitness goals. After a terrible customer experience involving 2/3 month delays and extreme price gouging, we decided there needed to be a new player on the market.

After days on end of research, we managed to find suppliers for every possible item our fellow Canadians would need to properly work out at home. Because we buy in bulk and cut out the middle man, we're able to provide our high quality fitness equipment at the best prices you'll find. 

Join the vO2 FIT family and let's keep our bodies safe, happy and healthy.